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A proper mold inspection is the first step! Our mold detection dog and our mold inspection process can accurately find your mold growth problem without tearing apart your home. Why have a destructive mold inspection done when we can find mold without all the mess?

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Find out more about why Mould Dog is considered the leading expert on mould and air quality testing in Canada. Watch news and TV segments and read articles that we were featured in.

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We Are A Specialized Mould Inspection Company - Our Services Are Limited To Mould Testing We Will Not Try To Sell You Other Related Services Or Products - Your Health Is Our Primary Concern!

New In Homes April 3, 2004 Canada's First Mould Detection Dog Takes A Bite Out Of Mould


Oct. 25, 2003. Meet Quincy, the four-legged mould detector


Fri, September 19, 2003 Pup's nose like no other Super-sleuth dog sniffs out moulds that make us sick


The Mould Dog Advantage

Having a mould detection dog allows us to pin point the exact location of the mould growth inside a wall or floor. In the past, this was very difficult, if not impossible, with air testing alone.

The result is less laboratory sampling, less cost to you and faster results.

There is no other tool like it!

Mould Testing

We use a variety of instrumentation to determine if a building has mould.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Laser airborne particle counter
  • Borescope
  • MVOC detector
  • Mould dog
  • Moisture meters
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Surface Water Activity
  • Laboratory sampling

mould inspection

Welcome to our mould and indoor air quality information web site. Here you'll find information on mould growth as well as indoor mould testing and mould inspections for Toronto, GTA and Southern Ontario. If you have a concern over mould or what you believe to be mould...we can help.

We are a professional mould inspection consulting company with a difference. We have Canada's first Certified Mould Detection Dog. Together with our state-of-the art Indoor Air Quality Testing instrumentation, our Mould K-9 and our over 15 years of expertise, we're confident we can assist you in your environmental issues in your home or office. Speak to one of our certified mould inspectors about your mould concerns today. (Please note that mold is the American spelling and mould is the British spelling and is used interchangeably on this web site)

Mould Assessment in Toronto

Looking for a mould assessment in Toronto and the GTA? from a mould inspection service that does not also do mould clean up? Honest, reliable, accurate mould inspections without the conflict of interest. The mould dog advantage.

Indoor mould testing has just become easier, faster and more precise with Canada's first Certified Mould Detection Dog.

We have an extremely valuable mould detection tool for our indoor environmental inspection services. "Quincy" is our original Yellow Labrador Retriever that has been professionally trained and certified to sniff out mould. We have been performing mould assessment for over 15 years and have performed thousands of inspections. We have now added a second Certified Mould Detection Dog "Ranger".

You've heard of bomb detection dogs and drug detection dogs? Now there are mold detection dogs. There are over 50 Certified Mold Detection Dogs in the United States, 5 dogs in Canada and we have Canada's first! If it has an odor...a dog can find it! Mold growth can have a variety of odors that range from a traditional musty scent to odors that a seem like a chemical spill. Unfortunately, the majority of mold odors may not be detectable by the human nose. This is where our mold dog can help.

If you've had roof leaks, basement leaks, plumbing leaks, high relative humidity or condensation indoors, you could have a hidden mould growth problem. 80% of indoor mould issues are hidden and don't produce odors or visible growth. They can however, cause a variety of health problems. When mould growth is disturbed or improperly removed, mould can produce spores that can affect furniture and other belongings causing a more wide spread mould issue. In addition, inhaling mould spores is what triggers the health issues related to mould growth indoors. The age of the building has no bearing on whether there could be a mould growth issue.

The age of the building has no bearing on whether there could be a mould growth issue.

Mould Inspection - Mold Inspection

An air quality assessment together with a mould inspection can uncover hidden sources of pollutants in your home or office. A proper mould inspection should never be just a quick visual inspection and a few laboratory samples. Although this approach is a cheaper, the results could be misleading and falsely determine that you have mould growth or falsely determine that you don't have an indoor mould growth problem. It’s almost like a doctor not taking the right amount of tested to determine your ailment and then guessing what’s wrong.

If you dont’ use a mould detection dog, it may be a guess!

Proper mould assessments should begin with a comprehensive instrument survey for air quality to identify and locate hidden pollution levels indoors. This will assist in determining where and what type of laboratory analysis is appropriate and will assist in identifying the cause of an indoor mould problem. A qualified mould inspector should also identify the source and extent of the moisture damage that lead to the mould problem using thermal imaging and moisture meters. This can determine if area are still actively growing mould. Finally, the mould detection dog can locate specific areas of mould growth and can determine whether the issue is in one specific area of a room or the entire room.

Why tear apart an entire room to find it’s just a mould problem in one corner?

A proper instrument survey for air quality, thermal imaging and moisture survey, mould detection K-9 and a series of surface and air samples for mold spores can provide the mold inspector with detailed information on the cause, source and solution of the mold growth issue in your building.

If you have a mold issue, believe you have a mold issue or are unsure whether mold or air quality problems are affecting your us today.

Mould in your home or office can be a scary thing...but it doesn't have to be. Let us us show you how.



If you see mold growth it is important not to disturb it until you have a clear understanding of the severity and extent of the mold issue. Touching, cleaning, spraying with a chemical or any other action that disturbs mold growth can release thousands of spores into the air. In some cases this can make the mold growth problem much bigger and can result in higher clean up efforts.

A proper mold inspection will result in a scope of work for a remediation company to follow to allow for the proper and safe removal of your mold issue. In some cases, we can also guide you through the mold clean up yourself if the mold problem is small enough.


If you have had any kind of moisture issue indoors, you could have a mold growth issue. Moisture damage can come from a flood, a leak or even sustained elevated humidity or condensation. You do not necessarily have to smell mold or see mold to have a mold growth issue. Mold likes to hide behind walls, behind baseboards, under flooring and above ceilings.

A mold free environment also does not exist so it is important to have a proper mold assessment performed. A well executed mold inspection can give you the location, extent and severity of the mold growth area and airborne mold spores.


If you have had mold growth cleaned up, removed or may wish to have a Post Remediation Verification Assessment done. This type of mold assessment can determine if the mold issue has been cleaned up properly and if the mould spore levels in the breathable air have returned to normal.

Even when mold remediation has been performed properly by a well trained and experienced contractor, mold spore levels can remain elevated...unless tested.


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